Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ZoZo Got to Swing by the London "Get Reading Festival" this Summer!

This summer was a hot one for London with temperatures up around 30C for almost two weeks straight in July. The sun did surprise most Londoners, but it did not stop them and others visiting the city from going out to Trafalgar Square for this free children's reading event! Organised by the Evening Standard and NOOK, this day out was all about making reading a bigger part of children's lives. With a turn out of 18,000 people this could become a yearly event! Lots of celebrities came out to read their favorite story's while kids read with them from books that had been passed out or from one of the big screens set up around the stage. The Actors, Musicians, Authors and others helped by reading to groups of kids big and small. The National Gallery (free every day and located in the Square) brought out reproductions of paintings to decorate the Stage. Also this day was the start of the Reading Agency Charity 2013 Summer Reading Challenge set up with public libraries to get kids reading when on a break from school. This Festival is part of the Standard's Get London Reading which has raised 1 Million Pounds in the last two years! What a great way to help England's kids "Get Reading." This could become a event for children to look forward to in the summers to come. Also maybe  in years ahead NOOK, which is owned by US Bookseller Barnes and Noble, will bring this reading event over the pound to New York or other big city's around the world.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

ZoZo Children's Publishing Talks to Liniers at the Lyon BD Festival -France

The Lyon BD Festival has just finished up it's 8 Edition in Lyon, France. ZoZo Children's Publishing got to talk a little with Argentine Cartoonist Ricardo Siri Liniers about his new book for children, "The Big Wet Balloon." He is Known for his comic strip published in the La NaciĆ³n Newspaper. Liniers has many a book out in Spanish. This year he will publish not only his new collection of comics in English (Macanudo) but has jumped into making children's books with Toon Books of New York City. This September Toon Books and Liniers will celebrate the publishing of "The Big Wet Balloon" at the Brooklyn Book Festival. This Wet book is a funny and sweet portrait of the cartoonist daughters and the way they love Saturday's, even rainy ones. Liniers said that comic strips like "Charlie Brown" and "Calvin & Hobbes" are one of the reasons he started to draw. Also he took inspiration from cartoonist like Art Spiegelman and Matt Groening. So much so that he took out a pen and paper to draw a cartoon of himself as a cross on Art's "Maus" and Matt's "Life in He-double hockey sticks-" cartoons. Check out "The Big Wet Balloon" this September from Toon Books and look for Liniers other comic collections in print in Spanish and soon in English.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

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